“Ningrum, Seffy Faramita. 2015. Preservation of Pandan and Bamboo Woven Handicraft Products as the Embodiment of Love for the Motherland in the Village of the Small Woven Industry Center, Kauman Village, Kabuh District, Jombang Regency. Thesis, Pancasila and Citizenship Education Study Program, Department of Law and Citizenship, Faculty of Social Sciences, State University of Malang. Advisors: (1) Dr. HA Rosyid Al Atok, M.Pd, MH, (2) Drs. Suwarno Winarno.

Keywords: preservation, woven pandanus and bamboo crafts, a form of love for the country

The love of the motherland for the nation and state of Indonesia must be owned by all Indonesian citizens. The manifestation of love for the country can be done in various ways, one of which is by loving and being proud to use domestic products. Apart from loving and proud of domestic products, a sense of love for the country can also be manifested through the preservation of native Indonesian products. Wicker is one of Indonesia's original products that must be preserved. Kauman village is known as a village center for small pandan and bamboo weaving industries with the slogan of love for the homeland as part of faith.

The purpose of this study was to describe the preservation of woven pandanus and bamboo handicraft products as a manifestation of the love of the country in the village of small woven industrial centers, Kauman Village, Kabuh District, Jombang Regency. This study used a qualitative research design with descriptive qualitative research type, in seeking data and informants from the head of Kauman Village, the head of the Sanussiyah foundation, the craftsmen of pandanus and bamboo plaits, as well as from the cooperatives and micro, small and medium enterprises of Jombang Regency. Data collection was carried out using observation, interview, and documentation study techniques. Data analysis was performed by collecting data, reducing data, presenting data, and drawing conclusions. To maintain the validity of the data obtained, the researcher checked the data by means of extended participation, increasing persistence, and triangulation.

Based on the results of data analysis, the following conclusions were obtained. First, the motivation of the craftsmen to sustain the handicraft of woven pandanus and bamboo is based on the love of the homeland of the craftsmen who took the initiative to process pandanus and bamboo into goods that have economic value and are environmentally friendly. In addition, the craftsmen are concerned about the younger generation who are more proud to use imported products. The craftsmen wish that by preserving the handicrafts of woven pandanus and bamboo they can build a sense of love and pride in the community, especially the younger generation, towards local products, especially pandan and bamboo woven crafts.

Second, the handicraft products of Kauman Village woven pandanus and bamboo which include types, basic materials, and product marketing. The conclusion was that the types of handicraft products in Kauman Village were various woven products that had uses such as bags, mats, trays, baskets of rice, fans, and so on. For home decoration includes photo frames, wall hangings, lampshades, and so on. Meanwhile, the main ingredients for making wicker are pandanus and bamboo and other additional materials. How to market products, the craftsmen usually sell their own products outside the city, besides that handicraft products are usually taken by middlemen, sometimes there are also consumers who come to Kauman Village to buy or order products directly woven pandanus and bamboo.

Third, obstacles arise from residents of Kauman Village as well as from the local government regarding efforts to preserve pandanus and bamboo handicrafts. The obstacles faced by residents of Kauman Village in the preservation of woven pandanus and bamboo handicrafts include the younger generation of Kauman Village who are less interested in preserving woven handicrafts, the number of pandanus and bamboo is decreasing, consumer interest in woven products has decreased, and the lack of attention from the government. Meanwhile, the obstacles seen from the point of view of the local government of Jombang Regency (Office of Cooperatives and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM)) are related to the preservation of woven pandanus and bamboo crafts, including the craftsmen do not form working groups or clusters, the form of woven products is less varied, the The craftsmen are less active in participating in exhibitions, the younger generation of Kauman Village is less interested in preserving woven crafts, the craftsmen only depend on the actions taken by the government, and the craftsmen do not carry out their obligations as Indonesian citizens properly because they do not pay taxes to the regions after their business is successful.

Fourth, the efforts of Kauman Village residents to overcome obstacles can be done by providing guidance and training to the young generation so that they have the awareness and willingness to continue the weaving business, take pandanus and bamboo using a selective cutting system, create creative and innovative products, and the government. should pay more attention to the development of pandan and bamboo woven handicraft businesses. Meanwhile, efforts can be made to overcome obstacles from the perspective of the local government, namely craftsmen must form clusters, create more creative products, often participate in exhibitions in the context of promotion, foster the interest of the younger generation to participate in preserving woven handicraft products by providing guidance. and special training on how to run pandan and bamboo woven handicrafts conservation businesses, the craftsmen cannot depend on the government to overcome the obstacles that arise, the craftsmen should carry out their obligations by paying taxes to the regions that are included in the regional income and expenditure budget funds so that between local governments and the craftsmen established mutually beneficial relationships and the craftsmen's efforts received positive support from the government. "

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