In the afternoon around 15.00 WIB on Wednesday, November 13, 2018, the parking area of the Faculty of Social Sciences began to be crowded with students of the Department of Law and Citizenship, Faculty of Social Sciences, UM. They prepared snack stands and hot drinks in order to enliven the 2018 Civic Fest which is an event to express art, especially for HKn Department students by presenting several guest stars from bands such as Kos Atoz, Rumah Serem, Angkasara and also entertained by the performance of the famous street musician Malang Sabian Nanda is famous for his performance in CFD Malang.

Civic Fest 1  Civic Fest 2The 2018 Civic Fest with the theme - Earth without Art Just “eh” - was opened by the Head of the Law and Citizenship Department of FIS UM, Drs. Suparlan Al Hakim, M.Si at 19.00 WIB. He advised HKn students in particular to always think forward, be creative, innovative and critical and smart to filter out foreign cultures whose essence is in conflict with or contradicting the Indonesian culture. This event was also held well and smoothly due to the solidarity of the HMJ HKn FIS UM team led by Alfian Fawaidil and the HMJ supervisor, Mr. Abd. Muid Aris Shofa, S.Pd., M.Sc. Gratitude was also conveyed to the HKn Young Lecturers who also attended this event until the event ended at 22.00 WIB. So, at a glance, I hope HKn will progress and achieve. Greetings for Indonesian Youth Creativity.

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