Educational Game "Spirit Of Pancasila"


  1. Dr. HA Rosyid Al Atok, M.Pd., MH
  2. Muhammad Mujtaba Habibi, S.Pd., M.AP.
  3. Nurul Ratnawati, M.Pd.

Document: EC00202058625 certificate

Book: Education Tripusat Collaboration in Organizing School Culture Based on Pancasila Value Culture to Build Character Students


  1. Dr. Sri Untari, M.Si.
  2. Dr. Maisyaroh, M.Pd
  3. Dr. Tutut Chusniyah, S.Psi, M.Si
  4. Meidi Saputra, M.Pd
  5. Ilham Choiri, S.Pd
  6. Hendrawan Nurcahyo, S.Pd

Document: certificate_EC00202107549

Learning Model of Deliberation and Mutual Cooperation to Form Citizenship Capabilities


  1. Drs. Margono, M.Pd, M.Si
  2. Muhammad Muj'taba Habibi, S.Pd. FOLDER.
  3. Rista Ayu Mawarti, S.Pd. M.Pd
  4. Sudirman, S.Pd, MH

Document: certificate_1992082220190320282019941

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