Lab. Socio-cultural

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 Socio-cultural laboratory as a means to develop student abilitiesRelated to the basics of social and cultural science as well as contributing to solving social and cultural problems in the community. Students independently or together with lecturers conduct scientific studies related to social problems and seek solutions to overcome these problems. Examples of social problems include social behavior; lifestyle; community harmonization Bhinneka Tunggal Ika; tolerance; etc. Meanwhile, in the field of culture, students and lecturers carry out studies on certain cultures that exist in the surrounding community. In particular, this laboratory develops macapatan culture (Javanese culture) by forming a macapatan art group which is supervised by the Head of the HKn FIS UM Department. This art group consists of students from various generations and often appear in various events organized by the HKn Department, faculties and universities. Several achievements have been achieved, one of which is getting the first national ranking in the Tri National Competition for the Local Cultural Arts Competition in 2016.
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